June 17th – Eric and Bianca – Diocese of Phoenix, AZ “Brought us closer to the Lord together!”

Him: This was a wonderful course we really got to get closer to the lord together.

Her: We have really grown together during this experience and best of all we have grown more with our faith I got to see a whole other side to him and see how truly knowledgeable he is. Great experience!!

Both: We never really got that deep when it came to God and the expectations this whole process has brought so much closer not only to God but each other!


June 18th – Zachary and Alanna – Archdiocese of New Orleans, LA “I appreciated getting able to discuss and read about what the sacrament of matrimony really means and entails”

Him: I feel like it covered all the pertinent topics to discuss not only before marriage, but about what marriage means in the Catholic church. Some of these things we had discusses before, but definitely dove into a lot deeper through these assignments.

Her: I appreciate the extra resources the assignments provided and the feedback from our mentors. The feedback was not only validating, but also provided such good explanation that took things to another level and would prompt further discussion on some topics.

Both: This 100% allowed for better communication and started discussions that maybe we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Even things we had discussed before this, were taken to a further depth.


June 19th – Alexander and Danika – Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall, Canada “There were so many moments of great learnings that gave us practical ways to grow us a couple and grow our relationship with God”

Him: I personally felt this course gave us a lot of great topics and insights to discuss amongst each other, it really sparked great conversations. There were so many moments of great learnings that gave us practical ways to grow us a couple and grow our relationship with God.

Her: The program for me was absolutely exceptional, I feel we have grown even closer as a couple and learned so much along the way. We have even started implementing some of the learning into our day to day lives already.

Both: We just want to thank you both so much and the AGAPE organization for this amazing experience, this is a milestone in our journey that taught us so much and is something we will never forget. We are so grateful for everything and will highly recommend this course to other couples embarking on their journey.


June 20th – Joshua and Claire – Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “I appreciated the amazing feedback from our instructors the most”

Him: I am very satisfied with the course. I feel that from the start of the course until now I have grown so much individually but also as a couple with Claire. I feel that I have grown closer with God and have learned so much about how to be an amazing husband. I am very thankful for this course because I just feel so blessed to have gone through this process and be able to learn so much prior to our wedding.

Her: I feel very satisfied with the entirety of this course. I feel like I learned a lot about not only the Sacrament of Matrimony, but about what to expect from my marriage and how to be successful in it. I like the most recent assignment about the tools we may need for marriage and how to go about certain situations. I was not expecting to learn as much as I did. I also feel like I have grown in my relationship with God and with Josh throughout this process.

Both: We feel that we communicate better as a couple and we know where we need to work on.  It was also nice to be able to evaluate some potential situations that we might end up in and see how the proper way to handle them would be. Communication is something we like to really focus on as a couple so to be able to develop those skills from this course was great!


June 21st – Michael and Robin – Diocese of Norwich, CT “The questions were deep and required a lot of thought.”

Him: I think the whole point of communicating and interacting with each other, bring God into the relationship, importance of the sacrament of marriage. The responses we received were very helpful and insightful.

Her: I found the course extremely important for everyone getting married.  Michael has become such a better communicator, more open to sharing and more secure and trusting in sharing his deeper feelings.  Sharing that level of intimacy has brought us much closer every day. It's been something I have wanted for the 17 years we've been together, but did not know how to get there with him.

Both: Our communication is so much more open, trusting and immediate.  It's a whole new world.