Jan. 8th – Jordan and Julia – Diocese of Washington DC “It felt good to pray together and to make our relationship with God, both individually and as a couple”

Him: Wonderful opportunity to connect with one another and discuss important topics through a spiritual lens.

Her: The course brought us closer and helped us to become more comfortable talking about our faith together. 

Both: It allowed us to talk about difficult topics, which we had previously addressed from a less spiritual lens, with a new focus on our Faith, the word of God, and teachings of the church relate to those topics. 


Jan. 9th – Jordan and Alicia – Diocese of San Antonio, TX “This course allowed me to ensure my beliefs and open up my knowledge that’s more to learn”

Him: Everything was explained so in detail, it really opened our minds on how different perspectives can be shared.

Her: We now have many methods of conversations because of this course. Understanding more in depth for some situations we may even encounter in our daily life.

Both: This course really helped understand what a strong foundation could be, and should be. There are so many key variables that were mentioned in this course, but mainly affection amongst each other trust in God, and the church.


Jan. 10th – Andrew and Alejandra (Convalidation) – Diocese of Austin, TX “It helped me learn more about the Catholic Church's teachings on marriage."

Him: The course was an appropriate length, and the ability to do this remotely was greatly appreciated as I am constantly gone with the Army.

Her: This course was very educational and sweet!

Both: Since we have been married for 2 years legally there are a lot of things we had already been through. But we did learn from this course and work the exercises together which helped us in some aspects.


Jan. 11th – Charles and Megan – Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, WV “You could tell that our instructors were knowledgeable and cared”

Him: I was extremely satisfied with our course and was happy to strengthen our relationship during this course. Our instructors were wonderful.

Her: I enjoyed this course very much as Casey and I have learned so much about ourselves and our relationship together. We appreciate our instructors very much.

Both: It allowed us to talk more in depth about certain issues that we had not before, such as parenting techniques.


Jan. 12th – Ryan and Hannah – Diocese of Austin, TX “It was nice to have deliberate conversations about our relationship.”

Him: I felt that the course brought up excellent topics to discuss between the two of us and challenged our thoughts and opinions. We now feel very prepared to start this next stage in our lives.

Her: It was helpful and lead Ryan and I to have conversations we haven’t had in a while or ever. It helped us grow as a couple and with our relationship.

Both: We appreciated that it at times made us sit back and think. We have talked a lot about our relationship and future but it made us talk more in depth about certain topics.