March 18th – Jack and Tayna (Interfaith) – Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA “This course ignited me to learn more about the Catholic faith and live a life closer to God”

Him: Since I am not Catholic, this course really educated me on the Catholic faith and what it takes to have a successful Catholic marriage.

Her: I am extremely satisfied because this course brought Jack and I closer together. We have discussed how we would like to spend more time praying together and strengthening our faith together, and this was a good step in that right direction.

Both: The types of topics in the course generated great discussion between us that allowed us to share in depth. There were thought provoking questions that helped us build the foundation of our marriage. The last lesson was especially helpful and timely as we had just been talking about what good and successful communication in our relationship looks like earlier in the week.


March 19th – Alexander and Lillian – Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, TX “I appreciated that this experience made us sit down and focus on something that is really important in my life”

Him: I really appreciated the format and structure of the course. It opened us up to a lot of dialogue we hadn’t spent as much time as we should have before. It was also great to see how each lesson built up on the following ones as we kept mentally going back to lessons we previously had completed. Also appreciated the additional thoughts y’all provided to all of our answers.

Her: This course was not what I expected, in a great way. I really enjoyed how the lessons were structured in that they gave us each our own opportunity to voice our thoughts with one another, write down our thoughts, then go over our responses before starting a new lesson. This course will really stick with me for this reason.

Both: This was a great experience and a lot more beneficial than we thought it would be.


March 20th – Daniel and Catherine (Civilly Married)– Archdiocese of Denver, CO “I liked the focus is building a marriage on faith and keeping God a priority”

Him: Even for someone like us who’s 20 years into their marriage, it was useful.

Her: I loved that each section sparked conversation together. Life is so busy and it was fun to slow down and talk about things.

Both: Sometimes we dismiss things or forget to circle back on stuff because we get distracted so allowing quiet time to talk and reflect together was so wonderful.


March 21st – William and Kayla – Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO “Very informative and helped us get closer to God & each other”

Him: This has been very good in learning the religious purpose of marriage and how to become one with your spouse through God. The course makes you vulnerable and talk about scenarios with your spouse which helps learn about the other. Even though I feel close to my future spouse there are still good topic we got to revisit and confirm we were thinking the same way on.

Her: It opened my fiancé and I up to talk about topics that maybe we haven’t talked about before and revisit topics in a deeper way.

Both: We love how it has opened us up more to talk about these topics. We have really enjoyed hearing what each other has to say.


March 22nd – Drake and Paige – Diocese of Springfield, IL “I liked that it was very accommodating to our busy schedule”

Him: I liked that my wife and I had the ability to sit down, in the comfort of our own home, and work on assignments together that helped strengthen our marriage.

Her: I loved being that this course was very detailed with all the questions it asked. It made me think a lot harder, rather than just having multiple choice. I also loved that this course works with you schedule, letting us work on lessons when we had the time to.

Both: These assignments were what we needed to remove blockades that were keeping us from being fully open to each other about our spiritual walk. Our communication about God and his work in our lives has now opened in a way we've never had with anyone else.